Since 1976, we have made a fully-equipped research laboratory available to our customers to receive training, consult with our experts, find solutions, and create winning formulations.

Our open research laboratory is available for our customers to learn emulsification, dispersion, solubilization technology, and basic cosmetic technologies ranging from skincare to make-up. We also help create new products through developmental efforts with our customers.


Foundational Course

  • Basics of surfactants, solubilization, emulsification, and dispersion
  • Formulation design concepts

Ideal For:
New employees or those who have not worked with formulations for several years.

Applied Course

  • Basic course review
  • Various emulsification technologies, including D-phase emulsification and PIT emulsification
  • Formulation using lecithin, polyglycerol fatty acid esters, and complex emulsifiers
  • Applications such as hair care, sunscreen, makeup, food emulsification, and pharmaceuticals

Customized Course

  • How to incorporate difficult ingredients into a formula
  • Solutions when you get stuck trying to improve your formula (e.g., stability)
  • Advice on development and help with implementing the themes you are working on

Training Steps

  1. STEP01

    Tell us your
    requests and concerns

    Trouble shooting,
    Market research,
    Formulation development,
    Learning our products etc...

  2. STEP02

    Creating the training program

    Creating the best solution and proposal based on customer's needs.

  3. STEP03

    Adjusting Training

    Fixing the training program and schedule.

  4. STEP04

    Come to the lab!

Online Lectures

We offer online lectures with a variety of content, including introductory courses. Equipped with an experiment studio, students can connect laboratories to perform demonstrations and prototypes for on-the-spot evaluation by qualified instructors.

Success Story from Paricipants

  • I have worked proactively on a lot of new cosmetic forms such as bicontinuous phase cleanser.

    From Greece

  • I could learn a lot about NIKKOL'S raw materials and appreciated new textures of Asian inspiration.

    From Italy

  • We successfully reformulated our cream with better stability.

    From Indonesia

  • I learned how to make new concept of skincare and make-up products.

    From Vietnam

  • I could renew basic colloid technology and also improve formulation by lab work. NIKKOL GROUP team are nice, friendly and very supportive!!

    From Thailand

  • I am really so excited and very blessed to be here with you. I've really learned so many new things and I've opened my mind.

    From Greece


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