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About Nikko Chemicals

Based in Japan, NIKKOL GROUP comprises six companies with the collective mission to provide the chemical industry with a complete range of goods and services. Within the group, Nikko Chemicals specializes in selling and marketing ingredients for personal care, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries.

Over many years, we have cultivated deep expertise in surface science, cosmetology, dermatology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and other fields based on surface and colloid chemistry. We have continuously strived to expand our technological base by incorporating the latest technologies while conducting industry-leading research and development.

1. Our Track Record

Since 1951, when we produced Japan's first non-ionic surfactant, NIKKOL GROUP has contributed to society and business through relentless technological development.

2. Our Global Network

NIKKOL GROUP is a group of companies with representatives in major cities worldwide. Being an integral part of this global network enables us to quickly identify and act on market needs.

3. Our Commitment to Society

NIKKOL GROUP takes a proactive approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), anticipating problems and taking concrete action around the world.