C.A.R.E Formulas for UV Protection

What does C.A.R.E mean?

This is a selection of mineral-based sunscreens that use C.A.R.E ingredients.
C.A.R.E is defined as follows:

  • Clean

    PEG-free, plant-based, ocean-safe* ingredients

  • Aesthetically-Pleasing

    Each emulsifier provides a unique texture signature changing old perceptions of ‘heavy‘ or ‘thick’ mineral sunscreens.

  • Robust

    These ingredients work to enhance sun protection levels through emulsification, improved dispersion or cellular protection.

  • Effortless

    HLB-free emulsification or just-add ingredients makes suncare development easy!

*Expected to have high biodegradability

C.A.R.E Formula’s Texture Signature

Ingredients for Mineral-Based Sunscreen (Natural Origin Index* >0.95)

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*Natural origin index: ISO16128 compliant

CLEAN Emulsifiers

Natural Dispersants

  • Stabilizer + dispersant for W/O suncare formulas.

  • Stabilizer + dispersant for O/W suncare formulas.

    *The Natural Origin Index of NIKKOL SMT is 0.62 (ISO16128 compliant).

Botanicals for Enhanced Sun Protection